Phillip Schantin

We've worked with Elaine since 2008. She served as our property manager for over 10 years without drama or incident. During the decade we allowed her to manage our property, the house went without a tenant only one month. Elaine then served as our real estate agent when we sold the house in 2022. She organized and held an open house on the second day the house was on the market, resulting in four good offers. Would definitely recommend.

Alexis Richardson

Ms. Elaine helped us rent our first home. She’s very easy to reach when there’s an issue. She’s very knowledgeable and trustworthy!

Erika Chute

We have known and trusted Elaine for 15 years as our real estate agent and property manager. She is smart, hard working and knows real estate! We can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for us. Elaine delivers!

Reagon Johnson

Absolutely love Ms. Elaine! This is my 2nd year renting from her. Maintenance tasks are always handled on time, she can be easily reached for any questions or concerns. She gives friendly emails and reminders. She’s just an overall great trustworthy person to have on your side.

Sereyseth Y.

Thank you Mrs. Elaine for all of your hard work. I valued and appreciated the help on our rental properties. Mrs. Elaine is knowledgable in real estate, rental, and investment properties. I look forward to continuing working with her. I trust her to make decision on almost everything. She has been my agent almost ten years now. I will continue to need her services for many years to come. Thank you for all you have done!!!

Thomas Evanowski

Rented for several years through Elaine. She communicates well and can be reached easily via phone, email, or text. Routine maintenance tasks are handled on time and the online documentation is easy to process.

Heather Moreno

I rented from Brooks for over 6 years. Elaine was very helpful and always replied very quickly to maintenance requests. Elaine is flexible and knowledgeable. The staff is friendly. Having the ability to pay rent and request maintenance online is also very convenient. Elaine is well known in the real estate community and can help you find the home you are looking for. I would highly recommend!

John Starke

I have owned a number of investment rental properties over the last 15 years in various locals including Richmond and Gloucester, Virginia. I was referred to Elaine Von Cannon when I purchased my first investment property. She has done a perfect job with each property and made the endeavor of owning rental properties a very pleasant experience from securing the tenants who are credit worthy and maintaining the properties to the satisfaction of the tenants in a promp professional manner which is so important in keeping quality tenants happy. I will always use her whenever I acquire a property and I have recommended her many times to other real estate investors and friends and will continue to do so.

Sherri Hartzheim

I've been renting from Elaine for almost two years and I have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and communication that Elaine has shown. When something has needed fixing, she was quick to have someone at my house within just a few hours. My renting experience has been very positive.

Marvin Robinson

I just signed my second year lease with Brooks. My rental agent Elaine has been no less than excellent with my family. She is very attentive, and responds very quickly to any maintenance request that arises. She is very thoughtful, and monthly will email you some educational fact, or some type of uplifting message. She has been understanding, attentive, and available when ever I've needed her. This is the main reason we decided to stay another year with Brooks. Everyone in the office has been kind, and considerate with my family....kudos to Brooks, and especially Elaine.

Heather Mason

I’ve rented from Elaine VonCannon for almost three years and had no issues at all. She is always available and responsive. She makes sure that yearly smoke detector and pest control are completed. She also has the house power washed and the roof cleaned off which for a single mom afraid of heights is very much appreciated. I absolutely recommend working with Brooks Real Estate and Elaine VonCannon for your future home. I’ve been very happy with my experience.

Joy Madden

I would highly recommend Brooks Real Estate based on my experience being positive. Elaine Von Cannon was very responsive to initial inquiry of property, flexible in scheduling, professional and informative. I was especially impressed with how thorough Ms. Von Cannon was with review of documents. I have also experienced the same level of professionalism and friendliness when I have visited the office of Brooks Real Estate.

Taylor Roberts

I had an awesome experience renting with them. I was treated very nicely. If I ran into a issue they were right on it to have someone check it out the next day. Ms. VonCannon was super awesome at helping us get everything set to move in!

Taylor Roberts

I had an awesome experience renting with them. I was treated very nicely. If I ran into a issue they were right on it to have someone check it out the next day. Ms. VonCannon was super awesome at helping us get everything set to move in!

Merridith Erfe

I have known Elaine for 20 years and I never thought to ask anyone else to help me with my most important purchase. Knowing very little about the process, I couldn't have been in better hands throughout. Whether you're buying or selling, I highly recommend using Elaine, as she always delivers.

Christina Dancy

I have known Elaine for a long time and she helped us purchase our new home in Williamsburg. Elaine is a great asset do you have on your side during any real estate negotiation. She is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent attention to detail. She was very flexible with our schedules. We enjoyed working with her very much and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or purchase in the area.

Mark Gates

Elaine was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. She was easy to work with, and worked very hard to navigate the many issues that came up with the selling of an older home. The sale of the house was delayed due to a septic system that needed repair. The company hired to do the job took over eight months to do the job, causing the loss of the sale, and costing a huge amount of money. In addition, the home roof had to be repaired, and the electrical system failed inspection. All of this, and the additional pressure of a difficult tenant living in the house, created an enormous amount of pressure on the sellers. Elaine's knowledge and patience helped us navigate the eventual sale. We could not have done it without her. She is great!