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Your Front Door: Color Me Feng Shui

Your Front Door: Color Me Feng Shui

Many years ago I wrote an article on Feng Shui. This you can find on my website.  Now I want to blog just about the door regarding Feng Shui. 

In feng shui, your front door is one of the most important areas of your home and represents the face you show to the world. Feng shui colors for a front door have practical, aesthetic, and potentially energetic implications. On a practical level, it is how you come in and out of your home. Your front door sets the tone for you and your visitors entering your home. It’s also the last thing you see when leaving your home to go out into the world.

On an energetic level, your front door also represents how energy and opportunities come into your life. Just like you want your guests to feel welcome when they enter through your front door, you also want opportunities to be attracted to enter your life. Your front door is the main portal for people and energy to enter your home. In feng shui, we call it the mouth of qi, or universal life force energy.

Your Front Door Color and Feng Shui

A feng shui practitioner looks at the colors and facing direction of your home to assess how the qi (life force energy) flows to your property. These factors offer information on how the qi is received inside the building. 

North-facing home: To activate the energy of your north-facing home, you can enhance the water or metal elements in your home’s north sector. Water is related to the color black and dark charcoal gray. Metal element colors are white, gray, and metallics like copper and bronze.

West-facing home: A west-facing home is enhanced by metal or earth element colors. Metal element colors are white, gray, and metallics, and yellow, brown, and earthy tones are all expressions of earth. 

South-facing home: The South is connected to fire, the summer season, fame, reputation, passion, illumination, and inspiration. It is related to red, purple, fiery orange, and yellow. 

East-facing home: Work with wood or water element colors to support the East direction. Wood is related to greens, mid-tone blues, and teals. Water is connected to black, dark charcoal gray, and deep navy blue.

One easy way to feng shui your front door is with paint. Look at things from a feng shui perspective based on your home’s facing direction and work with the colors you are attracted to. Also, pay attention to what colors will work well with the house’s exterior and your neighborhood as a whole. 

Red to Get Noticed

Red is the most auspicious color in feng shui, as well as a powerful color for protection and the transformation of negative energy. Red is also connected to the fire element, which represents warmth, passion, and inspiration. If you want your front door to be clearly visible from the street so that energy and opportunities can find you, a coat of red paint can be an effective way to do this. In the feng shui energy map, red is related to the recognition area. Red makes a bold statement, and it’s a great color to use if you want to get noticed.

Black to Attract Good Energy

Black absorbs, attracts, and brings in positive energy, which makes it a great choice for a front door color. It’s connected to the water element, which represents wisdom and depth. The north direction is also tied to this element. Water is also connected to your social connections and network, so black can be a supportive color for building friendships and relationships.

Yellow to Brighten 

Yellow is a bright, energetic color for a front door. In feng shui, yellow is connected to the earth element. Earth represents stability and grounding, so yellow is an excellent choice if you or your family could use more of that.

Green for Growth

Green is connected to the wood element in feng shui, which is related to new beginnings and growth. If you intend to invite in new opportunities to help you grow and expand, you may want to paint your door green.

White for Joy

Connected to the metal element in feng shui, white represents cleanliness and purity. The west direction is also tied to this element. The metal element is related to precision, communication, and joy. Try painting your door white to invite more of these metal element qualities into your life.

Blue for Knowledge

Like green, blue also represents the wood element, which supports growth and new beginnings. Deeper shades of blue are also connected to the “gen” area of the feng shui bagua map. Gen represents knowledge and self-cultivation, so dark blue can help support an intention to deepen your skillfulness.

Gray for Helpful People

Gray also represents the metal element, so it is a supportive color for inviting more metal element qualities into your life. In addition, it’s the color associated with the “qian” area of the feng shui bagua. Qian is all about helping people and travel, so a gray front door can support your intention to invite helpful people and benefactors into your life or to travel more.

After you’ve chosen a color for your front door, make sure you use it. Many people don’t use their formal front doors. It’s essential to activate energy flow by opening and walking through them regularly. Even if it’s not the entrance you use most often, try going out your front door when you go out to get the mail, for example. 

Finally, don’t forget to keep your freshly painted door clean. Part of having an inviting entryway is having a clean entry. When cleaning your home, take some time to wash your front door, including the hinges, knobs, and frame.

Questions often asked

What is the best color for a door, according to feng shui principles?

Feng shui is based on Taoism, a Chinese philosophy, and since red is the most auspicious color in Chinese culture, it is the most favored color for a door in feng shui. It represents good luck, protection, and the fire element. Fire is related to exciting energy, such as passion, inspiration, and expression.

What are popular colored doors in feng shui?

Some of the most common colors in feng shui for a door include red, green, blue, and brown. Red is related to power and energy, green brings growth, blue brings abundance, and brown brings earthly grounding.

What door color in feng shui attracts wealth to your home ?

Fire element red may be the most promising for attracting all good things. However, purple is also associated with wealth and royalty and can attract abundance and luxury into your life. Like red, purple is also associated with the fire element, attracting attention and change.

So are you ready to go choose a new front door color?  Get our brushes out and paint your door. It will be fun and who knows what will happen?